Dubai, the ‘Shopping Capital of Middle East’ is also the financial hub of United Arab Emirates. A true global city, Dubai has some of the best and biggest architectural wonders, shopping malls, financial districts and other tourist attractions in the region. The world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall and world’s tallest and the most luxurious hotel, the Bul Al Arab is also located in Dubai. Due to its business and tourism strategy, Dubai has attracted large number of multiethnic populace from around the world. This has influenced a unique multicultural existence limited to Dubai – a blend of extreme modern values of West with the heritage traditions of East. This, in particular, has influenced Dubai in becoming one of the best and the most sought after tourism hubs in the world.

Attractions in Dubai

Shopping Malls
Parks, Zoos & Aquariums
Desert Safari
Creek Tour on Water Taxis
Bastakiya Heritage District
Ski Dubai

Artificial Islands
Modern Skyscrapers
Exhibitions & Trade Shows
Souks (Gold, Spice & Textile)
Stadium & Sports Venues
Places of Worship (Mosque & Churches)